1. Patches

    Patches is our 1962 Chevy C-10 Stepside Pickup.

    and the spare is here

    My husband and I bought her when we were first dating - I found her on craigslist.

    Patches is generally in running but rusty condition. I have finished the roof, the hood, and the doors, and we’ve done some minor mechanical stuff like the water pump and the exhaust headers, but she doesn’t need much mechanically. She has very few functioning gauges and seriously minimalist tangly wiring. At some point we will replace the floors and finish with the cab and move on to reworking the bed.


    Patches made an appearance at our wedding. She was much-loved and started on the first try!

    There are many, many pictures on my flickr here and on Clay’s flickr. I used to take all the pictures before I bought him a camera.