1. My First Five-Point Harness. Now that I’m driving little Marie around it’s a little difficult to stop and take pictures of old cars. Hopefully when it cools off we can go out car hunting in a giant yuppie stroller.

    She was born May 24th, if you’ve wondered where I’ve been.


  2. Patches! I got a new camera, you see….


  3. 1960-ish GMC found while hiking to Muses.


  4. Clay and Patches.

    This is actually from the fall, but who’s counting…
    Film camera Nikkormat EL+ancient 2.8cm lens and fujipro400h. Running a second body for wide-angle is easy enough as long as I run 400 speed where I can guess the light myself.

    I have backlog car pictures in the drafts folder, on my phone, in the rolls of film from mardi gras….


  5. A scout! I have a new neighbor apparently.


  6. Sixties Bronco.


  7. Mail Jeep.   Bittersweet.  October got lost down a hole and November is threatening to do so as well.


  8. Well-loved 80s 911 outside ballet class. Seen it a few times, it might belong to one of us. Good taste, whoever she is.


  9. Alfa Spider! I have a terrible weakness for these, but I just got out of having old troublesome cars. One day.


  10. Little car in Big Sur, color this time. Highway 1. I missed my car so much…


  11. Little car, hiding, on the side of Hwy 1. I had Clay’s AE-1 loaded with color (fujipro400) at the same time I had my main camera with black and white this day.


  12. Little car in Big Sur on side of Hwy 1. I got to drive some really beautiful road a few weeks ago, even if it was in a miniature gutless rental car. Nikkormat and tmax400.


  13. Back for another angle on a pretty silver Mercedes coupe.


  14. 1960/1961 Dodge Lancer. Plymouth Valiant with more fins and a terrifying grille (to be seen later).